Elegance in Every Detail

Brand identity, ad copy and social media for OTS Motors.

OTS Motors is a newly launched luxury automobile broker-ship. I was inspired by the charm of vintage print car ads and channeled that sensibility through sharp copy and elegant design.

Since launching the brand this year, OTS Motors has reached revenue in the multi-millions. Playing a role in their success has been a rewarding experience.

Client: OTS Motors
Work: Branding and Copywriting
Design Partner: Cole Thorpe
Location: San Francisco
Date: 2023

A Look into
the Process


Brand identity, ad copy and social media for OTS Motors.
We started by gathering requirements from the OTS Motors team with short surveys and interviews.

We asked questions like, “If you could get any celebrity to endorse OTS, who would it be? Why?” (They answered: “Ralph Lauren. Effortless taste, pretty timeless and unfussy,” btw.)

Once we had an understanding of their vision, we developed three creative directions complete with mock type, logos, copy, design treatment. Our concepts were:

1) Clean Classic
2) Bold Luxury
3) Industrial Sport Future

In lieu of sharing that massive document, here is the highlight reel:

We presented our proposal and noted which elements resonated with the team and which spurred new ideas for the final vision.

We iterated, merged concepts, and cut what wasn’t working. I further developed the marketing concepts and the details related to the brand identity, such as a slogan, social media captions and voice/tone guidelines for consistent presentation across channels.

Final treatment samples at the top of the page.

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