Living Happier & Healthier

In 2019  co-founded Elly, a digital health company with backing from venture capital investors (including Google, Snapchat, Morgan Stanley and Bayer). Elly was designed to help life-science companies support chronic disease patients through unique audio companionship. Elly is one of the most successful chronic disease digital health companies in the United States.

As Chief Content Officer, I led content for a mobile app that provided personalized health support for people living with chronic conditions. I led and managed a team of 20 colleagues across content creation, product management, business development, marketing, and operations. 

I led conceptual and copy direction. This included creating in-app content across audio and video, managing marketing campaigns, and guiding content strategy. My day-to-day involved overseeing the content team, writing and editing articles, curating and researching topics, and interviewing subject matter experts.

Each day, a patient can log into Elly and get access to motivational messages, guided meditations, exercise videos, patient stories, and informational articles offering perspectives from clinicians and researchers. Patients are able to “check in” with Elly to track progress overtime. 

I designed a smart taxonomy system for our backend to help us create thousands of content journeys, unique to the patient based on a few inputs such as diagnosis, age, interests, treatment, and concerns.

I led marketing for paid search and social media, developed branding copy, and designed effective UX content. Marketing efforts include a digital campaign with a $50k USD ad spend budget in partnership with Johnson & Johnson.

Elly has 11K+ users with retention of 98% at 1 mo and engagement of 190 min total content played per user. We secured clients like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and BMS for multiyear contracts, and raised investment from the likes of Google, Snapchat, and Bayer.

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