Feeling Heard with Elly Health

I co-founded the digital health company Elly (backed by Google, Snapchat and Morgan Stanley -- partners incude Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and BMS).

We help life science companies support chronic disease patients with an audio companion mobile app. Elly empowers patients to take control of their health with small, habitual changes.

As Chief Content Officer, I led the content design of over 1000 audio, text, and video experiences available in-app -- including meditations, patient stories, interviews with physicians, and accessible health education.

This is a sample of some of the content I ideated, wrote, and produced.

Client: Elly Health
Work: Audio Content and Programming
Location: Los Angeles
Date: 2019-2023

The Daily Elly

The Daily Elly (DE) is a 90-second audio message that touches on an educational topic and always ends on a motivational quote. Each day, there’s a new DE available on Elly to support, motivate, and comfort patients.

We worked with developers to design the content delivery in a clever way, so that patients feel like Elly is personally speaking to them.

Patients can access a new Daily Elly each day from their Today Screen.

Audio Scripts

I wrote hundreds of DE scripts and oversaw the narration production. I designed over 50 content journeys for a variety of chronic conditions, including cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, and autoimmune disorders. DEs cover a wide range of topics including mental health, exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, symptoms, doctor-patient relationships, advocacy, and resources.

The topics of the DEs were sourced from our early beta patient research, and they address common challenges or themes that patients face depending on their condition and treatment. I created the voice and tone guide to ensure Elly’s support is empathetic, friendly, and engaging, even when approaching difficult topics. DEs often include motivational quotes or cite emerging research -- they also tend to include small, actionable advice.

An example of the content planning involved. Sample DE topics for “Cancer - On Treatment” journey

Patients recieve personalized support based on a few factors including their condition and treatment

Daily Elly Script Samples

“Gratitude” Daily Elly script

Authored by Cecilia Anderson
Narrated by Keenan Spencer, available on Elly

“Body Image” Daily Elly script, for the Cancer - Adolescent/ Young Adult journey

Authored by Cecilia Anderson

Narrated by Keenan Spencer, available on Elly

Guided Meditation Script Sample

“Notice the Breath” Guided Meditation script

Authored by Cecilia Anderson

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